Non-Refundable Registration Fee
     $25.00 Registration fee ($10 each additional sibling)

Monthly Lesson Fee:  Due at the first lesson of each month.
(Lessons in Aug. are included in Sept.)
    $60.00 – one dancer
    $105.00 – two sibling dancers
    $130 – three sibling dancers
$150 – four siblings

Payment by cash or check only.
Please make checks payable to Patti Medley Dance Centre.
Return Check Fee- $25.00
Late Fee - $5.00 per month on lesson fee each month past due.

Recital Fees

Costume Fees:  All dancers will need to purchase a new, ready-made costume from a costume company coordinated by our studio.  The first costume fee is due in early October.  Average cost $60.00 - $75.00.  This costume will be used again for the Spring/Winter Recital, so please hang the costume and keep all accessories in a safe place.  Only selected classes will purchase an additional costume for the Winter recital.  Most classes will reuse their recital costume. 

Recital Fees: The Winter Recital fee is $40.00 per dancer (family maximum $80.00). The Spring Recital and trophy fee is $55 per dancer (family maximum $100). The Spring Recital and trophy fee are due in May and before the Spring Recital. ALL FEES TO DATE (including lesson fees, costume fees, recital fees, return check fees) must be PAID IN FULL in order to receive a trophy and to perform in the recital.  

***Tickets will not be sold for the recitals. ***The recital fee includes the cost of admission for you, and all of your family and guests.  No tickets are needed.  This fee also includes a trophy at the end of May.